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Welcome to Ckuens, a bespoke data analytics partner offering cutting-edge strategic and operational solutions.

In today’s fast-paced era, data analytics is at the forefront of driving impactful changes in businesses that want to stay ahead of their competitors. We, at Ckuens, have witnessed this firsthand by being partners to various organizations and helping them by simplifying enormous amounts of data and amplifying credible solutions..

Our emphasis on creative problem solving has proven to continuously produce exceptional results and our drive to provide continued support even post delivery of a project, has made us long-term partners to various organizations. We strive to bring the same expertise, knowledge and spirit to every organization we work with.   

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Our areas of specialization include the most prominent aspects of a business/organization which can accelerate their efficiency. Though, we believe, through analytics we can offer a comprehensive advantage in almost every aspect of an organization. Key areas that we usually focus on are Risk and Compliance analytics, Operations analytics and Workforce Analytics.

Risk and Compliance Analytics
Operations Analytics
Workforce Analytics

We take into account all aspects of Credit, Financial Crimes and Enterprise analytics to safeguard your organization from recurring false red flags and also strengthening alert quality for your highly trained and qualified compliance experts.  

We dive deep into your organization’s Revenue, Cost and Customer Experience areas and bring to light solutions that transform the way you deliver your service promises and also achieve so in a cost efficient manner.

We take a holistic approach in Talent, Workforce Planning and Culture analytics to provide you with analytical solutions that identify the underlying factors which can boost productivity of your workforce, bringing new energy in the work culture. 

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