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About Us

Ckuens Analytics is a data-science services company specialising in risk analytics, marketing analytics, and other areas such as operations management, supply chain, digital, security and IoT. Our goal is to grow with and help firms of varied sizes achieve their short and long term business outcomes by offering bespoke analytics solutions designed to consider all stakeholders who matter to them. At every moment of their journeys, our partners feel in control and empowered — because we make the data talk, insights count, models scale and deliver.

A Vision That Ensures New Avenues For Success  

Our Values define what moves us to go past traditional approaches. Beyond looking at every aspect through different lenses, we also choose to work with simplicity, ensure superior quality, strive for constant innovation and collaborate with abounding empathy. 

Simplicity in our interactions making clear and concise design considerations, content presentation and storytelling.

Passion for Quality in our problem-solving approach to find and craft at the most optimal and rewarding solution.

Innovation that arrives at cutting edge solutions and in turn, reshapes the landscape of analytics.

Empathy in every interaction with all stakeholders and understanding them through active listening and comprehension.

Our Core Beliefs mirror our passion for delivering analytical solutions that bring in desired results and make long-term positive impacts on an organization. We believe:

• The world is dynamic, multi-dimensional and hyper-connected.

• Superior business outcomes are produced by considering perspectives of all the stakeholders.

• A scientifically managed business produces better outcomes.

• A business empowered with insightful information can be run scientifically.

• Information is insightful if it is conveyed as an all-encompassing story.

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